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Making it easy to give a hand
Support Crew is a FREE online help roster that easily
co-ordinates meals and support for family and friends in need.
Create a Support Page for yourself or someone else.
The old way...
Knowing how to give a hand shouldn’t be this hard right?

When dealing with a life event, we struggle to ask for help and our friends don’t know how to help.

The new way...
With Support Crew, it’s simple, personal, and easy for everyone.
Support Crew is here to help during:

a health event such as cancer, sick children, surgery, arthritis, depression or anxiety, stroke, MS, Alzheimer’s.

a life event such as a new baby, an accident, divorce, bereavement, aged care, redundancy.

a natural event such flood, earthquake or fire.

How does it work?
Support Crew makes it easy
to ask for help…

by creating a private place for those in need to easily ask for the help they need, so they feel less overwhelmed and can focus on the things that matter.

to know how to help…

by providing a place for the support network to confidently know how to help those in need, so they feel less helpless and more connected.

You’re in good hands

Support Crew makes it so easy to help even if you don't live close by.  The platform has really made me feel great being able to help out with a meal.  

Deb, Whakatane.

“There’s nothing else out there like this that provides the help you need when dealing with cancer – particularly in terms of help with meals – that’s the biggest challenge.”

Mrs W, Auckland

“I don’t think you could put a monetary value on the benefit that this website would provide. It would be huge.”

Leanne, Auckland

“When I was going through chemo, I knew I was going to be sick for four months. If I knew that somebody would come in and provide a meal for me every day, I would have relaxed, stressed less, and I think I would probably have healed quicker.”

Leanne, Auckland

“It’s great to have a website where people will feel comfortable asking for assistance in the transition from hospital back to living their normal life.  It’s the first of its kind and from a health point of view, I feel it is a great initiative set up by Janine and Kelly”.

Charge Nurse, Surgical Ward, Private Hospital, Auckland

“For people who are sick, I think this is brilliant. Even just from the meals perspective, because I know how much I would have gained from it – just from one area – the meals part let along all the other amazing ways it could have helped.”

Leanne, Auckland

“It’s a very very good idea!  I certainly would have used Support Crew when I was sick.  I would have used the links to service providers because I didn’t like to ask for help.”

Wendy, Auckland

“I would definitely recommend this to others’ going through a difficult time.” 

Carla, Auckland

“Much of our surgery is for patients with cancer or Oncologic surgery.  Support Crew is a business which will allow me to have peace of mind that patients will have a support network accessible to them when they are discharged from hospital.”  

Charge Nurse, Surgical Ward, Private Hospital, Auckland

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Support Crew is an online support platform that helps those dealing with life changing events to easily co-ordinate the meals and support they need from their support network.

Phone: + 64 211 566 566