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Kelly Banks

Kelly Banks


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Janine Williams

Janine Williams


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Cam Langsford

Cam Langsford

Chief Technology Officer

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Kelly Banks

Kelly and Randal celebrating their very first clear scan!

In July 2015, Kelly’s partner was diagnosed with colorectal cancer with metastasis in his liver.  Kelly became the chief support person, navigating chemo and radiation treatments, five surgeries (after three recurrences) and nearly 120 hospital visits.

Kelly says that while we had so many friends and family said ‘let us know how we can help’, she was too overwhelmed to know what help she needed, and she didn’t know how to go back and ask for help later.

Kelly says she also “had a sense of pride and stubbornness that I could do it all myself – to take him to all his radiation appointments, cook all the meals, do all the household chores.  This stopped me letting our friends and family, our Support Crew, provide any help”.  

As Kelly spoke to others through the journey, she realised that so many people dealing with life changing events were going the same thing – taking on the full burden of a major life event and not letting others help.

In true Kiwi Ingenuity style, Kelly co-founded Support Crew – an online support platform empowering people to ask for help and changing the way New Zealanders ask for and receive the help they need.

Kelly and Janine are the Co-founders and the faces behind Support Crew, a website that helps those dealing with life changing events to easily co-ordinate the meals, transport or whatever other help they need from their friends and family.

Not only are Kelly and Janine great friends and biz partners, but they have worked together for many years in their corporate lives.  They also share a passion for helping others and are driven to build a greater sense of community to change the way people give and get a hand in New Zealand and across the globe.

A wee note from Kelly…

It’s been a privilege to be on this journey with my gorgeous partner and I want to thank him for being so strong, brave, positive and courageous.   Without the enormity of everything that he’s endured over the past 2 and a half years, I’d not be embarking on this amazing new journey with Janine.  Our new venture Support Crew has created this amazing chance to make a difference to other people’s lives by changing the way people around the world give and received support.

Support Crew

Support Crew is an online support platform that helps those dealing with life changing events to easily co-ordinate the meals and support they need from their support network.

Phone: + 64 211 566 566