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Five ways to help a friend without waiting to be asked

  • 30/05/2023

Five ways to help a friend without waiting to be asked. The problem with “Let me know what I can do to help” Written by Kara Dorset, our great friend and copywriter extraordinaire. Kara is an incredible Mum of two gorgeous girls and speaks from her own experience. Thank you Kara, this will help so many people who are part…

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5 handy tips for supporting a friend with cancer

  • 11/04/2023

5 tips to help you support someone dealing with cancer Written by Rebecca van Dijk Rebecca van Dijk is a beautiful 33-year-old woman who was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer last year. You can read about her incredible journey thus far here, and how naming her cancer gave her a way to seperate herself from it. Rebecca has come to know our…

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I’m in the help business but I still struggle with this… do you?

  • 08/02/2022

I'm in the help business but I still struggle with this... do you?   Janine Williams is the Co-founder of Support Crew, along with her good buddy Kelly Banks. Janine has two gorgeous boys Connor, aged 9, and Ethan, aged 7.  Janine openly shares what she struggles with the most, and what she's committed to trying to do this year…

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A time I wished I had asked for more help

  • 13/03/2020

A time I wished I had asked for more help... I certainly struggle to ask for help and last week I was reminded of this when Kelly and I visited Auckland and Middlemore Hospitals. As I repressed a lump in my throat, I was reminded of an emotional time over six years ago, when my youngest son was born prematurely. I suddenly realised…

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