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This is a great place to come and find options for providing support for those who need help with food – whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.

Click on the three main options for helping people with food below:

1. Shop & Drop: pick-up or shop for all the ingredients, then leave for your Warrior/Support Chief to eat with little or no preparation. Great example: cooked chicken and coleslaw from the supermarket.  

2. Make & Take: prepare meals at home then take to your Warrior/Support Chief to heat and eat.  Great examples: chicken curry, cottage pie, bacon and egg pie.

3. Give & Deliver: purchase meals or food items for delivery directly to your Warrior/Support Chief.  Great example: The Real Meal Company, My Food Bag.

Click on the icons above to take you to some great suggestions to help support your Warrior.


Stay tuned for more helpful recipes coming your way shortly!

In the meantime, if you have any you’d like to share, drop us a line at

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Support Crew is an online support platform that helps those dealing with life changing events to easily co-ordinate the meals and support they need from their support network.

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