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Tuesdee Tutorial: Why Use Support Crew?  Why Not Just Use A Facebook Page?

Tuesdee Tutorial #4:  why use Support Crew?  Why not just use a Facebook page?

Great question! And we know you’re listening Facebook, and we love you, we really do.  It’s just…well…we need more from our relationship…

Short answer: a Facebook page (or a closed Facebook group) doesn’t necessarily provide the combo deal of the privacy, flexibility and functionality that you need to deal with a life changing event.

Long answer: Facebook pages, and closed Facebook groups are great for communicating with a large group of people all at once, however, they often don’t provide the privacy you require when dealing with the sensitivities of a life changing event.  When dealing with something like cancer, an illness or an accident, you don’t always want everyone to know everything, and there’ll only be a select few people that you’ll want doing your laundry for you!

More than just communication, when you’re dealing with a life changing event, you need to co-ordinate offers of help, appointments, visitors and you’re often so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what help you need.  

Much more than just being able to help you to manage your communication and share updates, the Support Crew website helps you to:

  • create your own personalised and private Support Page
  • invite your Support Crew – those friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and people in your community that you want on your journey with you
  • figure out what you specifically need help with, by using our simple templates 
  • co-ordinate offers of help from your Support Crew in your Care Calendar
  • create and co-ordinate requests for help with meal, transport to appointments, school pick-ups, pet-care and whatever other help you need from your Support Crew in your own Care Calendar
  • update your Support Crew and receive messages of support
  • manage your visiting times.

Try doing that on Facebook!

Class dismissed!

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Support Crew is an online support platform that helps those dealing with life changing events to easily co-ordinate the meals and support they need from their support network.

Phone: + 64 211 566 566