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Can more than one person help manage the Support Page?

Yes.  Once you create a Support Page, you can appoint other Admins (administrators) to help manage your page.  Most Support Pages have more than one person administering the page, often including the Support Chief/carer/caregiver as well as the Warrior/patient, but may also include other Support Crew members.

Admins can manage all aspects of the Support Page.  Admins can post and update a need, invite and manage Support Crew members (including adding other Admins), and manage visiting and calling options.

As a wee side note: if you are an admin and you are posting or sharing information on the platform about a Warrior/patient, please remember to be mindful and respectful of their privacy.  Please remember to be considerate of the information you are sharing, and of course have the permission of the Warrior, especially if sharing medical or health related information.

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Support Crew is an online support platform that helps those dealing with life changing events to easily co-ordinate the meals and support they need from their support network.

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