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A Tip For Managing Energy And Something We Should All Be Doing

A tip for managing energy and something we should all be doing!

Kelly Banks


Our Co-founder Kelly Banks has been the Chief Support for her partner Randal for many years, not only to support him in cancer slaying, but for another reason.  Kelly shares with us, a brilliant tip for managing MS, but importantly managing energy, which is something we could all benefit from.

Today is World MS Day.

And at Support Crew, we have some of our nearest and dearest who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), one of which is my partner Randal.

What’s that like?

Life with MS can be pretty difficult and often each day bring new challenges, which those affected by MS need to find solutions for.

This year’s World MS Day Campaign invites people affected by MS to share their tips for managing these challenges and to share them on Social Media, blogs etc….so here WE go!  

And if you’re interested in seeing the video version of this blog: pop over here.

One of the biggest challenges that Randal and I face with managing his MS is managing his fatigue. 

So the tip we’d like to share with you is for managing energy.  This is a great tip for us to share because it’s something that everyone can integrate into their day, and something that perhaps we should ALL be doing!

How can you proactively manage energy?

So, Randal’s extraordinarily proactive with managing his energy, and he usually schedules a Yoga Nidra into his morning, and a power nap into his lunchtime.

Sorry what?

Now, you’re possibly thinking, what’s this Yoga Nidra business you speak of! 

Well let me enlighten you (like what I did there?).  A Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a guided meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.

Now we’ve heard that doing a yoga nidra for 10 minutes elicits the same benefits of having a sleep for 20 minutes.  So, that’s pretty awesome right?! Twice the benefit for half the time!

So, you can see why it’s something we should all be doing! 

Interesting, tell me more!

If you’re interested in exploring further, what you can do, is find a Yoga Nidra in your music store, so it’s just like a song, that you would have on your phone, or tablet so that you can do a Yoga Nidra anywhere – at home, at the office in a quiet space with some headphones.  If you don’t have a quiet space, you can always go to your car, put the seat back (obviously you wouldn’t be driving!) and pop it on!

Here’s a link to a FREE Yoga Nidra from the lovely Louise Thompson, Life Coach, Well-being Writer & Speaker so you can have a sneaky listen.

If you have anyone in your life who is affected by MS, and also needs to manage their energy, please share this tip with them.  It might just be a game changer.

To all the people affected by MS out there, including all the wonderful Support Chiefs or caregivers – we think you’re amazing!

Keen to know more? Read more about Kelly and Randal’s journey and how the idea for Support Crew came about here.

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