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Can anyone accept a need?


If you’re a Support Crew member, and you see a need request that you’d like to help with, simply click on ‘accept need’ and this will show up on your view of the Support Page as ‘Upcoming needs you’ve accepted’.  This will also communicate to your Warrior, and everyone else who can see the page, that you’ll take care of this need!  Nice one!

If you’re a Warrior, Support Chief, or Admin of a page, you can also ‘accept needs’ that have been taken care of.  This might happen if someone turns up on your door with a meal for tomorrow that you requested on the platform.  Simply go into the Support Page, and click on ‘accept need’ so that everyone seeing the page knows it’s taken care of!  Easy huh?!

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Support Crew is an online support platform that helps those dealing with life changing events to easily co-ordinate the meals and support they need from their support network.

Phone: + 64 211 566 566