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How will I know if I have a qualifying Support Page?

Once you’ve created your Support Page, we’ll send you an email to remind you of what you need to do for your Support Page to qualify for the $50 supermarket voucher* (have four or more friends, family members, colleagues, neighbours to have joined the Support Page and for them to have helped out with two or more requests for help and be created during the month of December 2023)*.

Once a Support Page qualifies, we’ll be in touch with the Support Page owner via email to confirm the person the Support Page is supporting’s address and to let them know when the $50 supermarket voucher will be is on its way to the them.  

We’ll aim to get in touch with the Support Page owner within five business days of the Support Page qualifying.  We’ll also aim to send the supermarket vouchers out to the Warriors once a week.

*T’s and C’s apply. Head over to our Promotion’s Terms and Conditions, if you need more information.

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