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Sometimes when going through a difficult time, whether during times of anxiety or stress, or in particular whilst going through cancer treatment, nausea can set in.  Nausea can be tricky to negotiate and manage however, ginger or raw apple cider vinegar may help combat it and here is a really great recipe for Hot Ginger Root Tea from Nutritionist Mikki Williden.

“Bread is an obvious go-to for people who require something to help settle the stomach.  (Marmite on toast, anyone?) It’s no secret that this wouldn’t be my first recommendation, but a nut and seed-based loaf would be an excellent alternative that could be sliced and stored in the freezer” says Mikki.  

Roasted kumara slices (in the toaster – so easy!), potato and pumpkin pieces with salt, herbs and olive oil or coconut oil is another easy eating option. 

This is a great, easy recipe for Warriors to make at home.  If you are a Support Crew member, why not purchase some Kumara, Potato or Pumpkin and some coconut oil and drop off at home for your Warrior?  Then all they have to do is slice, toast and eat!

Kumara (or you can use potato or pumpkin)

Coconut oil or olive oil

Herbs (to taste)


1) You need to slice the kumara lengthways using a large knife into thickish (but not too thick) slices – needs to fit the toaster.

2) Once you’ve got your slices, pop them in the toaster on the highest setting and put them in until they pop up.

3) It will depend on your toaster and the heat setting as to how long the kumara will take to cook, but the average seems to be about 10 minutes overall. I turn mine after each round, and for me it’s two rounds.

4) Once cooked, remove, and cover in delicious topping of your choice. A good source of fat: avocado, nut butter as two options.

If you are as Support Crew member, or a Warrior in need of some inspiration, check out more great recipes here: Make & Take or Shop & Drop.

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